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Dendroaspis polylepis

Geographical Locale

  • Black mambas are found in the southern part of Africa


  • Two enlarged venom fangs fixed to the front of the mouth
  • Solid teeth in both jaws
  • Adult Black mambas reach an average of 8.2' and a maximum of 14.7' in length
  • These snakes are actually a grey to olive colour with lighter scales round their head
  • They take their name from the black colouring inside their mouths
  • Thin and extremely agile
  • Capable of reaching speeds of 12 mph


  • Extremely poisonous. Largely neurotoxic – poisonous to nerve tissue - but also cardiotoxic – causes heart muscles to stop functioning


  • Mating takes place in late spring or early summer. (Oct to Dec in Africa)
  • After mating the male returns to its own nest.
  • Female lays between 10 and 20 Eggs.
  • Young Black mambas are self-sufficient from birth and capable of catching prey as big as a rat.


  • Black mambas tend to live in scrubland but can sometimes be found in bushes and small trees.
  • They will continue to occupy the same nest for many years if left undisturbed.
  • Diet consists mainly of birds and rodents and they actively hunt during the day or night.
  • Black mambas are extremely aggressive and will attack without provocation.
  • Capable of rearing up to a third of its length in the air.

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