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Tetranychus urticae


  • Adults 1/32" long.
  • They are pale to light green and have two red eyespots near the head. Females usually have a large dark patch on each side of the body, with numerous bristles covering the legs / body.


  • Eggs are pearly-white and are laid on the underside of infested leaves and hatch in 3 days. The female can lay several hundred eggs during her lifetime.
  • The length of time from egg to adult varies between five and twenty days. The young look similar to the adults, except they are smaller and have only 3 pair of legs.
  • The adult female lives for two to four weeks.


  • These mites produce a silk webbing that covers infested leaves. They can attack ornamental plants, fruit/vegetable crops, some trees and plants in greenhouses.
  • This mite prefers the hot, dry weather of summer and autumn but may occur anytime during the year.
  • Overwintering females hibernate in ground litter or under the bark of trees or shrubs.

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