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Bryobia Praetiosa Koch


  • 1/30 inch long.

  • Reddish-brown color, younger ones and eggs bright red.

  • Oval shaped.

  • Eight legs, the first pair are long and point forward.


  • Females lay eggs in the spring in cracks and crevices of buildings, under sidings, and beneath bark at the foot of trees.

  • Eggs lay dormant during the hot Summer, hatching in early Autumn.

  • They may live from one to seven months, depending on weather conditions.

  • Most mites overwinter as eggs, but mites in other stages can also be present.


  • Visibility - Often noticed early Spring and late Summer.

  • Feeding – Sap from grasses and clover, other plants include dandelion, shepherd's purse, strawberry and iris. Large numbers feeding on grass will turn the grass brown.

  • Location – They enter houses near thick vegetation, via cracks and small openings around windows and doors. They are generally found on the sunny side of the house.

  • They leave behind a red stain when crushed.

  • They do not bite humans.

Plant Insect control for Commercial premises