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Pests that Damage Textiles

Problem with Your Fabrics? We'll Get Rid of it for You

Textile and clothing pests include:

Danger Signs

  • Damage to clothing or other fabrics
  • Small moths present in storage areas
  • Presence of small oval beetles (1/8”)
  • Presence of larvae or worms in clothing

Potential Harm

  • Damage to clothing or other fabrics
  • Damage to historic artifacts or antiques
  • Damage to museum and/or trophy mounts

Business Consequences

  • Economic loss due to damage by textile pests
  • Aesthetics due to the presence of live textile pests
  • Irreparable damage to historic pieces (clothing, tapestries, etc)

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Steps To Take

  • Identification of species
  • Determine location/source of infestation
  • Explore non-chemical control methods (dry cleaning, heat treatments, etc)
  • Explore the use of pest management materials, including liquid treatments to storage areas (not infested object), fumigation, the use of insecticide impregnated pest strips

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