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Prostephanus truncatus


  • Brown body colour. 1/16" to 3/16" in length.
  • Antennae have 3 large segments at the end forming visible antenna clubs, reddish in colour.
  • The humped thorax covers the head, its front rim has teeth–like indentations.
  • Elytra (wing covers) are heavily punctated and drop off sharply at the back, giving the impression of a square end when seen from above.


  • The female lays an average of 10 eggs on a grain of maize and the hatched larvae bore into the grain.
  • The larva undergoes up to 4 development phases and pupates inside the corn grain.
  • Lifecycles can be quite short, in good conditions (25 days at 34 °C, 75% relative humidity) there are several generations per year.


  • Adult beetle is a pest of stored maize, but also infests other types of grain.
  • Larva bores tubular passages into the grain, typically making one main tunnel with smaller ones branching off.
  • Brought in from tropical Central America in cassava roots and tapioca products, as well as in starchy fruits and tubers.

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