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Copra beetle/Red Legged Ham Beetle

Necrobia rufipes


  • Adults: 3/16" in length.
  • The upper surfaces of the body are a shiny metallic bluish-green. The underside of the abdomen is dark blue. Their legs are bright reddish-brown or orange. The antennae are reddish–brown with a dark brown or black club at the tip.


  • Females lay up to 30 eggs per day in cracks or crevices of cured fish. The eggs take between four and six days to hatch.
  • The larvae will grow for 30 to 140 days, become less active and look for a dark place to pupate.
  • The pupal stage varies between 6 and 21 days.
  • An adult will mate soon after emerging from its pupal stage and can live for up to 14 months.


  • The adults fly and can therefore easily disperse to new sources of food.
  • They are destructive in both the larval and adult stages, although the larval stage is the most destructive.
  • They are also cannibalistic, preying on their own eggs and pupae.

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