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Monomorium pharaonis


  • Workers 1/32"-1/16" long, yellow–brown with brown abdomen.
  • Males 1/8" long, black and winged.
  • Queens 1/8"-1/4" long, dark red in colour with wings.
  • Black eyes. 2 small segments at the pedicel.


  • Multi–queen colonies.
  • Swarming can take place at any time of the year.
  • Winged adults seldom fly so rarely seen. Wings are soon lost after mating.


  • Well–defined trails are laid which are often associated with heating systems. Feeds indoors on high protein foods — meat, fats, blood, dead insects, etc.
  • Swarming characteristics — new colonies are often formed through nests that have been disturbed e.g., as a result of insecticide spray treatments. Each queen produces up to 3500 eggs in its lifetime.
  • Nest locations — deep seated in cavities in heated buildings. Often found in hospitals. Associated with humid conditions. Colonies can range from a few dozen to 300,000 individuals.

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