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Tetramorium caespitum


  • Dark brown or blackish.
  • 1/8" long.
  • 6 legs.
  • 2 spines on the back.
  • 2 nodes on petiole.
  • Grooves on head and thorax.
  • Thorax uneven with 1 pair of spines.
  • 12-segmented antennae with 3-segmented lub.
  • Winged ants are often mistaken for termites.


  • Visible Spring and Summer.
  • Have been known to emerge any time of the year in heated structures.


  • Feeding - eat almost anything that humans eat, and also pet food.
  • Visibility - seen entering houses looking for food, most often at night. May move through pipes and electrical wires.
  • Nesting - in lawns or under stones, wood, or boards. Mounds built along sidewalks, baseboards, and near foundations in clusters. Colonies found near water.

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