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Camponotus pennsylvanicus


  • Workers - 1/4" long.
  • Queen - 1/2" long.
  • Blackish color most common but can also be black and red.
  • 6 legs.


  • Swarms appear in the Spring.
  • The colonies of carpenter ants can live from 3-6 years.


  • Locations - both moist and dry wood, but prefer moist, eg wood dampened by water leaks.
  • Internally - excavate galleries in wood with a smooth appearance.
  • Externally - sometimes hollow out sections of trees.
  • Visibility - hunt for food mainly at night but also during the day in early spring / summer. Signs include sawdust, wet wood, or unusual noises coming from the walls.
  • Feeding - primary food is honeydew, also eat plant secretions, fruit juices and insect remains. They do not eat wood. In homes they are attracted to sweet substances, fats, grease and meats.
  • Contact - rarely come into contact with people, but if they do will try to escape. They cannot sting.

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