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Wood Destroying Insect Control

In addition to Termites and carpenter ants, there are several wood boring beetles which cause damage to wood-based structures.

Danger Signs

  • Actual physical damage to wooden materials, including oval holes in the surface of wood, galleries or tunnels bored through wood
  • Accumulations of fine sawdust, fine powder, or course sawdust on floors, shelves, or other areas where wood is located
  • Sighting small elongated beetles and/or large ants in association with damaged wood

Potential Harm

  • Structural damage to wooden artifacts or furniture
  • Aesthetic damage to wooden furniture

Business Consequences

  • Liability Concerns
  • Economic loss due to the need to discard infested or damaged materials

Steps to Take

  • Identify the insect either through the damage caused or by the insect itself
  • Determine if the infestation is active or not
  • Depending on the situation, control may involve simply discarding the damaged material, the application of pest management materials, or fumigation

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