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Wildlife Management

Nuisance wildlife has become an increasing concern as the population moves into more and more rural areas. Presto-X Pest Control often deals with squirrels, opossums, deer, raccoons, muskrats, and snakes to name a few.

Signs of Wildlife Activity
  • Sighting of the wildlife
  • Damaged caused by the wildlife, such as gnawing, damage to product, etc.
  • Noise created by the wildlife
  • Droppings left by the wildlife
Possible Concerns
  • Possible disease transmission
  • Structural or other types of damage
  • Possible physical injury to employees and/or customers
Business Concerns
  • Liability concerns
  • Economic concerns
  • Possible lost time for employees
Treatment Measures
  • Identification of the wildlife species
  • Control is always considered on a case by case basis and can range from exclusion measures for bat control to live trapping of the animal.
  • We will work with you to find an appropriate solution to your wildlife concerns.

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