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Presto-X Provides 2017 Mosquito Update

31 August, 2017

Presto-X provides expert information about mosquitoes for people in 2017. Including how to prevent mosquitoes and their bites.

Rentokil North America Announces Multi-Year Contract with CDC to Combat Zika Virus

14 June, 2016

Rentokil North America has been awarded a two year contract with the CDC to help control Zika-virus carrying mosquitoes.

Presto-X Offers Assistance to Denver Family

07 December, 2015

Presto-X Pest Control offered assistance to a Denver-area family in need of help with a bed bug issue.

Stinging Insects Can Take Bite Out of Summer Fun

25 August, 2014

Be on alert in late summer as stinging insects are known to be very active as they prepare for fall. Presto-X shares safety tips on how to stay sting-free.

Winter Storms Inviting Rats and Mice Indoors

24 February, 2014

With the winter storms that are ravaging the United States, rodents are more likley to enter homes and businesses. Find out what you can do to keep rodents from invading your property.

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