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Houston Area Urged to Take Extra Precaution Against Mosquitoes and Ticks

READING, Pa., July 1, 2013 — Summer is all about enjoying food, fun and family and friends, but pests can ruin these moments and force activity indoors. Mosquito or tick bites can be irritating and also pose the risk of transmitting serious diseases like West Nile virus, which is especially a concern for children and the elderly. However, there are simple solutions to ensure that outside fun is bug-free.

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People living in many areas of the U.S. need to be aware of a greater prevalence of ticks, which can transmit Lyme disease to humans and dogs, as well as other tick species capable of passing harmful diseases. Presto-X Pest Control, a Rentokil Company, advises owners of homes and commercial facilities to take strong preventative measures to eliminate the aggravation of mosquitoes and ticks. A new highly effective Mosquito and Tick Solution from Presto-X delivers a season-long barrier to protect outdoor spaces from both of these menacing pests.

Environmentally safe for use around children and pets, Presto-X’s new Mosquito and Tick Solution is applied to the vegetation where mosquitoes are likely to rest and ticks generally live. While many solutions address mosquitoes in their juvenile stage, this new application treats the adult pests that pose the greater health risk. The product kills the adults in their likely resting areas, taking advantage of their natural resting behaviors as well as creating a month long barrier to the treated area. Target areas for treatment include weeds, tall grasses, shrubs, lower tree limbs, mulch beds, ground cover (such as ivy) and beneath decks.

Presto-X offers both natural and conventional long-term programs to deliver the best treatment for an individual home or business. Since not all mosquitoes or ticks encountered on a property originate there, this means an ongoing treatment regimen may be the best option for protection against these pests.

Along with an effective treatment regimen, several precautions that can be taken to reduce the mosquito and tick population include:

  • Turn over objects that can collect water
  • Change the water in birdbaths weekly
  • Change outside pet water dishes frequently
  • Aerate ornamental ponds, pools and fountains
  • Eliminate any standing water
  • Make sure screens are bug-tight

“Protecting your outdoor areas from mosquitoes helps prevent diseases including West Nile and other encephalitis-causing viruses,” said Nancy Troyano, PhD, BCE, training manager/entomologist for Presto-X Pest Control. “Ticks should also be taken seriously because they could transmit Lyme disease or other disease-causing pathogens, which often present with flu-like and/or neurological symptoms. Each year, there are about 25,000 reported cases of Lyme disease in humans and according to a recent study, 1 out of 15 dogs tested positive for Lyme disease in endemic areas.”

For more information on this new cost-effective Mosquito and Tick Solution, contact Presto-X Pest Control at (888) 476-2128 or visit www.ihavenobugs.com.

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