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Welcome to Presto-X Denver! There's always something to do in Denver, the Mile High city, which is why it is so inconvenient when pests get in the way. We provide expert pest control services in the Alamosa, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver Metro, Pueblo, Steamboat Springs areas and beyond. 

We're experts in Denver pest control services including ant control, flea control, bee removal, rat control and more. We understand the conditions that attract pests to homes and businesses. 

Our 11 dedicated commercial pest control technicians have a combined 63 years of experience serving the State of Colorado. Besides general pest management, we also specialize in bird control, LEED Programs, entotherm/heat treatments for bed bugs and fumigation. Give us a call today!

Unlike traditional exterminators who overspray dangerous chemicals, Presto-X uses earth-friendly products to target problematic areas and remove pests for the long term. Best of all your family or business won't be exposed to harmful substances; all of our products are low-toxicity and highly effective. Our green approach to pest control will help you find peace of mind so that you can enjoy Denver at its finest!

Presto-X prides itself on customer satisfaction and is proud of our reputation in the area. We hope you will give us the opportunity to satisfy your pest control needs. Contact us today! 

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John T. Williams(Area District Manager)

Presto-X Pest Control - Denver

Area District Manager in Denver

"My name is John T. Williams and I am the District Manager of Presto-X Pest Control in Denver, Colorado. We provide expert pest control services in the Alamosa, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver Metro, Pueblo and Steamboat Springs areas. I've been with Presto-X for about 10 years working in multiple states but now call Colorado my home."

Reviews & Testimonials

Our Company and Presto-X have partnered together for more than a decade. In that time, Presto-X has provided us with professional and knowledgeable technicians that have brought great options to the table for us to preventatively and react to potential threats. Their communication and weekly service allows us to stay ahead of items that may compromise our facility.

Their quality management program has allowed us to succeed in customer and third party audits with great remarks. We also have had a great relationship with their local and senior management that have allowed us to stay ahead of things within the industry, and consistently improve the program.

With their resources, highly trained and professional colleagues, and communication, Presto-X has greatly contributed to our success within pest control at our facility. We have had a great partnership and would recommend them for any food processing facility. - Large Food Manufacturer, Denver, CO

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During the summer months, Denver can encounter many different types of insects including termites, ants, bees and more. Our team is trained to handle these pests efficiently and effectively when you need it most. Let us be the solution to your pest problem.